From building a strategy to creating content that connects you with your audience – marketing is at the root of everything we do. We focus on services that spread the word about your brand and get people emotionally engaged with your feed.

Get a more in depth look at our services below. 



Social Media Strategy

Know which channels to focus on, how to get the most out of them, and start a two-way conversation to get your audience talking about your brand. We learn about your target demographic, review your competition, and build a strategy to best engage your audience.



Day to day

Scheduling and Posting

Staying current on social media can be extremely time consuming. We plan, schedule, monitor, and engage with all of your posts for you so that you can focus on the big picture stuff, like running your business.


say cheese


When you control the images, you control the story. We develop a shot list of the type of images that we want to capture, provide creative direction, and props, and will capture all of the necessary images at your business, at a studio, or in the wild, depending on what works best for your brand.


we've got the best words


We write creative, compelling, copy in a consistent voice across all posts and platforms. Something that works with the visuals and will create an emotional attachment – building the trust of your audience and working to convert a casual follower into a brand advocate.



big pitcure

Content Calendar

We'll keep track of all upcoming posts and will be planning weeks ahead. By aligning social media posts with all of your other marketing efforts, and promoting the same core message, we ensure that your audience has a consistent brand experience accross multiple touchpoints – and help you never miss #nationalicecreamday again.





There really is no point of having a social media strategy if we don't know what our goals are and how to measure them. We will work with you to establish objectives, goals, and targets, and determine metrics for the measurement of online social media success. With the use of Google Analytics, and your social platforms insights, we are able to tell you exactly what is happening behind the scenes of your website and social channels. This is no longer a guessing game.



it goes down in the dm

Community Management

It's not enough to just post great content – interacting with your audience on social media is how you can really open the conversation with your end users. We can manage the day-to-day moderation of all of your platforms, perform influencer outreach, and run contests for your brand. We'll respond to DM's, comments, tagged posts, hashtags, and all that good stuff.


paid ads2.png

promoted posts

Paid Ads

Promoted posts are a powerful tool to grow your following and engage your audience. Your posts will get shown to more people, you can choose the type of people that they are shown to, and ensure that they are shown to your exact demographic. From design and copy of the ads to the ad management itself – we will work with you to set a budget and goals and we can take it from there. 



drip drip

Email Campaigns

Gathering email addresses and contact details from your clients is great. What's even better is leveraging that information to engage them with quarterly newsletters, blog posts, company updates, and other quality content through email campaigns with specific targets and business objectives.  We've got you covered.



video marketing


Video gets more engagement, comments, and likes, than photography, and can be a powerful tool to help grow your brand. Instagram and Facebook Stories, Instagram TV and Live video is tremendously popular, and for good reason. We have the equipment, and expertise to shoot this content for you and get it out to your followers.


web dev2.png


Web Development

Responsive design, intuitive CMS, and the wow-factor – all brands can benefit from a website whether for e-commerce, or strictly informative. The goal of many social strategies is to drive users to your website, and once they arrive you need a site that converts. We build sites using platforms like Shopify and Squarespace and ensure that they are easy to update and can integrate with your existing platforms.



Website Management

 Small updates and day-to-day management of your existing website. Although not a direct social marketing service, we are able to mange websites for our clients, including content updates, and overall maintenance.